Who We Are

Shane M Hanlon is Executive Producer and co-host of Third Pod form the Sun. He is also Program Manager of AGU’s Sharing Science Program (@AGU_SciComm) where he helps scientists explain their research to non-scientists. He is a science communicator, ecologist by training, science-policy, advocate, educator, and storyteller. His love of science led him to study frogs and turtles, a PhD in conservation biology, a couple science-policy fellowships, and his current gigs with AGU and has a host/producer of the DC branch of the science storytelling organization The Story Collider. Find him on TwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

Nanci Bompey is co-host of Third Pod from the Sun and Director of AGU’s Media Relations department, where she oversees publicity of new AGU research and the organization’s social media channels. Prior to coming to AGU in 2013, Nanci was a managing editor at FDA Week, a weekly publication covering the Food and Drug Administration in Washington, DC., and a health care and environment reporter at the Asheville Citizen-Times in North Carolina. Nanci’s reporting has been recognized by the North Carolina Press Association and the Education Writers Association, and she was a National Press Foundation 2012-2013 Paul Miller Fellow. She has also worked as a chemist at a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. Nanci holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Colgate University.

Liza Lester is a producer of Third Pod from the Sun. She also works in AGU’s Media Relations department, where she communicates new Earth and space science research findings to the press and public. Before joining AGU, Liza worked at the Ecological Society of America, where she identified newsworthy stories from ESA’s scholarly journals, wrote news releases, and managed the society’s social media channels. Liza holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Grinnell College and a PhD in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She was a science reporting intern at The Sacramento Bee in 2011, sponsored by the AAAS Mass Media and Science Engineering Fellowship.

Olivia V. Ambrogio is a producer and (sometimes) artist for Third Pod from the Sun. She is also Manager of the Sharing Science Program at AGU, where she does her best to help other scientists connect with wider audiences. She is a biologist by training who got her Ph.D. studying the sex lives of marine snails. In spite of the surprising allure of this research, she eventually shifted into the field of science communication. In her spare time she writes and takes nature photos, often frustrating her partner and friends (who just wanted to take a walk) by crouching on the ground to photograph an insect.