E8 – Bonus Clip: Scientists of the Corn

Check out this clip that didn’t make it into our recent episode, The Dark Sound of the Moon, with Trae Winter about balloons, astronauts. and aliens!






Shane Hanlon:  Nanci?

Nanci Bompey: Hello?

Shane Hanlon:  I’m back.

Nanci Bompey: Yay! We missed you.

Shane Hanlon:  Did you?

Nanci Bompey: Not. No, I’m kidding. Not.

Shane Hanlon:  It’s always nice to get away for a few weeks and get out of D.C., but yeah, it’s good to be back.

Nanci Bompey: Good, good, good.

Shane Hanlon:  And I just couldn’t wait to get back, so here we are between episodes with a special bonus clip from The Dark Sound of the Moon.

Trae Winter:      Fun story.

Nanci Bompey: We like fun stories.

Trae Winter:   I thought you might, so we were in a cornfield in Nebraska, right, and one of my team members brought a friend of theirs along, they had family in this part of Nebraska, and that family, the family business is actually doing large scale inflatables, so they make inflatables for the Macy’s Day Parade and they do inflatable costumes and all these different things, and I was meeting them and talking to them, and they’re like oh, a real NASA scientist guy, and I was like, oh, wow, real people that make inflatable costumes. So I give them a bunch of NASA stickers which everybody loves, right? I get so much love just by passing out NASA stickers. I always have a stack in my backpack, and they were just so impressed.

It was like, well, we have an astronaut inflatable costume. Would you like to borrow it? So on the Facebook Live event, not only do we have my project manager, Mary Kay Severino, in an astronaut costume handing me cue cards and what I’m supposed to be talking about during the Facebook Live event, we are in a cornfield, in an abandoned cornfield in Nebraska, so what else do you have to if you’re a scientist in a cornfield in Nebraska?

Lauren Lipuma: A scarecrow?

Trae Winter:      No, that’s where aliens come from. They abduct you.

Nanci Bompey: Yeah, I was about to say, aliens, that’s where they always land, right?

Trae Winter:      So we had one of my team member’s cousins who lived in Nebraska dress up as an alien hiding in the corn stalks and me as a scientist of course. Aliens don’t exist, abductions are not real, so I never … I’m constantly looking around and not seeing the alien, and the astronaut is constantly trying to point ’em out.

Nanci Bompey: Nice.

Shane Hanlon:  This reminds me of haunted hayrides growing up in rural Pennsylvania, but instead of folks dressed up like Jason running around with chainsaws, you have scientists running around as aliens.

Nanci Bompey: Yeah, in a cornfield, like alien abduction, like some movie with alien abductions.

Shane Hanlon:  Yeah, it’s like a sci-fi version of Children of the Corn.

Nanci Bompey: Ooh, that sounds, yeah, frightening.

Shane Hanlon:  Super terrifying.

Nanci Bompey: Yeah.

Shane Hanlon:  All right, thanks all, and be sure to check out the full episode, The Dark Sound of the Moon.

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